What began as a brunch became a global movement.

Camel Assembly is an international community of creative female leaders who gather to make change.

We believe change begins with self, and spreads to families, communities, and leads to social impact.

Our Pillars

For over two years, Camel Assembly has chronicled the habits and ambitions of women around the globe. In doing so, we identified four motives common to leaders who value consciousness, creativity and collaboration. They are to: be healthy, learn something, act now, and share stories. These four motives inform and shape the initiatives of Camel Assembly.

Be Healthy

Learn Something

Act Now

Share Stories


Camel Assembly’s mission is to see women #marchingdaily – showing up to dreams, passions, relationships and their health as consistently as to their workplaces and protests. This is facilitated through physical assemblies in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai and Nairobi, which act as groundswells of creativity and collaboration.

Assemblies see thinkers transformed into creators by providing a place to showcase passions, skills and ideas, connect with like-minds, and participate in workshops.

Why Camel?

There are many things known and loved about the Camel–they can go long distances with heavy loads; they are built to never sink, even when in motion; they rarely break a sweat or get thirsty.

But the most important thing to know about a Camel, is that when taken care of, a Camel has an unlimited service to provide to those around.

Camel Assembly is a place where women come together to care for one another, increasing the amount of service we have to provide to those around.

Our mission is to see women showing up to dreams, health and communities as often as we do to Twitter trends and protests – and that is daily work.
Check out the global calendar for women to see what’s coming up and share your own event.

The Camel

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